Become an affiliate

How would you like to be earning easy money through the internet. Our affiliate program allows anyone to earn revenue by advertising our website.

money affiliateWhat is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program allows anyone who shares our website to earn money by bringing traffic to

How much will affiliates make?

Affiliates make 60% of the total revenue earned on google advertising that is made by them sending traffic to

Who can become an affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate, however, preferably people who own large social media outlets. For example if you own a Facebook page or large Twitter account.

How does it work?

Each affiliate will be given there own personal subdomain where traffic can be monitored by the Greatest Sporting Moments team. When affiliates share our website through social media, we can determine how much money every individual affiliate has made through Google adsense. This will allow us to track affiliate activity and determine how much the website has earned and how much each affiliate has contributed to this amount. When the affiliates share the website, they will share it with their subdomain, thus allowing the traffic on each subdomain to be monitored.

How will affiliates be paid?

All payments will be through Bank Transfer or Pay Pal.

When will affiliates get paid?

Due to our reasonably low budget, we cannot pay affiliates before we get the money from google. To put it simply when we receive the cash through google advertisement, then we pay our affiliates.  The process from google takes usually a month. We know, this is annoying for both you and us, but we promise, as a certified website, that we will deliver.

This is straight from the google support team: “We aren’t able to send you a check or bank transfer at the end of the month because we first have to validate your earnings for accuracy — a process that takes place the first week of every month based on the previous month’s earnings. We send payments a couple of weeks later, usually during the last week of the month. So if your earnings reach the payment threshold in February, we’ll send you a payment before the end of March.”

How do I contact you?

Message us on Facebook, this is the easiest way to get in contact.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, Let us know. Message us now!

Know any mates who run large social media outlets? Tell them about our program!