Two Leicester fans have their title-winning bets paid out

Two Leicester City fans have won big cash from British bookmaker Betfred, who have paid out early on the Foxes winning the title.

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One of the winners, 74 year-old John, says he’ll spend the winnings on his 23rd trip to Vegas!

What makes the story even better is that John and Mick, the two men who staked a meagre pound each on their team doing the impossible at 2000/1, were laughed at by the bookie who cashed their bets.

Neil Samways, owner of the relevant Betfred branch, wrote ‘hahaha’ and ‘pigs might fly’ on the bet slips when they were staked – but has now had them returned to him with a combined debt of £4,000.

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Neil said “We always try to be cheerful and have a bit of banter in our shop and I knew John and Mick would appreciate my little joke.”

A handy return for some loose change, its just a shame they didn’t bet £2 each!